Boston Fashion Week: Emerging Trends 2013

On October 5th designers from around the world traveled to our quaint city to participate in the 6th annual Boston Fashion Week’s Emerging Trends Exhibit. I got the chance to speak with some of the designers as they prepared for the show and was able to witness as the models walked down the runway, bringing their hard work and unique creations to life. The exhibit showcased a wide range of styles and textures proving that today the main emerging trends in fashion are powered by the unparalleled designers and their innovative minds.

Designers To Watch:

TREND: Bold colors and Geometric Shapes

Capital T-

Designer: Tertia Enda- Indonesia imageimageimageimage Designer Tertia Enda emphasizes that her fashions are made for women to wear confidently around the city and BOY WOULD I BE CONFIDENT. Color blocking has never looked better, nude basics with dashes of bold color are flattering and sophisticated ready-to-wear fashions.

House of Laura Williams- USAimageimageimageimageimageimage The collection was intended to bring the audience back in time to the era of “Wizard of Oz.” Intense colors are paired with even more daring shapes and fits, yet each piece’s structure is delicate enough to be everyday wear. Retros in right now and in my opinion Dorothy never goes out of style.

TREND: Innovative Textures and Materials

Lisa Loveday- USAimageimageimageimageimageimage Creativity takes on a new form with Lisa Loveday. Her collection, a mixture of torn fabrics and varying shades of grey, is inspired by a story about a women surviving a wreckage. Loveday has intention for each and every pull and tare in fabric, stating, “designing is like a sickness and once I create it it’s out of me and I can finally move on.” Her dedication is apparent in the fabulous and intricate final products.

NuVu Studios-USAimageimageimageimage Definitely not intended for everyday wear, NuVu Studios developed avant-garde pieces that wowed the audience. Nuvu Studios allows students to collaborate with professional to create unique works of art and gain valuable experience.

Naomi Davidoff-USAimageimageimageimage Straight out of your dreams and nightmares (in the best way possible) is the designs of Naomi Davidoff. Handmade fabrics combined with vintage textiles form the dramatic pieces that literally danced down the runway. Davidoff, a young designer has the greatest outlook on fashion stating, “fashion isn’t just something that you wear everyday, it’s something that you can put on for special occasions and play dress up in and have fun with.”

TREND: High-Fashion and Functional

The Haute House- USA

Designers: Rufus Dixon and Meghan DolliverimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThe Haute House, opened in 2012 is a quickly expanding online fashion destination. Designers from across the world are represented on the website, which is headquartered here in Boston. Designers Dixon and Dolliver made their fashion presence known as their bold and daring designs went down the runway. Their risky designs may not be day time apparel but they would sure look smoking hot walking down the streets of Boston on a weekend night.

Brzozowska- Poland

Designers: Alina Brzozowska and Magdalena Waligorskaimageimageimageimageimage All I have to say is YES LEATHER JACKET. The other pieces, inspired by the sea, are fabulous, mimicking the textures of aquatic life perfectly on each garment. The Polish designers mantra is spreading their unique collection at an affordable price.. uhm yes, thank you.

TREND: Elegant Evening with an Edge


Designer: Ivanka Eston-USAimageimageimageimageimageimage Each piece has a sharp contrast of delicate fabrics with bold textures. Mixing soft feathers or chiffon with an abundance of sequins is perfect for fabulous nightwear.

Fleur Kalinza-UKimageimageimageimageimage Not your typical ball gowns, each model drifted down the runway in feminine, yet bold garments. Romantic colors and textures combine with intricate stitching and feather work.